Integration Toolkit

Ways to integrate ayahuascaHere’s a roundup of practices and methods I draw on in helping clients integrate, and that I’ve found invaluable in my own work with the plants. Each article contains an overview of a practice, a look at how it can serve ayahuasca integration work, exercises and tips for practical application, and a list of resources—websites, articles, books, videos—to explore further. I’ll be adding more articles here as I expand this Integration Toolkit.

I hope that these broader ways of looking at integration work support you on your path.

Meditation as an Integrative Practice

Focusing: Unlocking the Wisdom of the Whole Self

Journaling and Integration

Dreamwork and Ayahuasca

Breathwork: The Inner Switch

Practical Wisdom: Developing Your Intuition

Compassion Meditation: Cultivating Loving-Kindness

Nonviolent Communication

Shadow Work and Ayahuasca Integration

Exercise: Working With Projections