Shadow Work and Ayahuasca Integration

Ayahuasca has an uncanny ability to dive directly into the depths of the psyche and unearth exactly what we need to see at a particular moment. Foremost among the things it brings to light is the part of our unconscious known as the shadow—the feelings, thoughts, instincts, and memories we dare not acknowledge; the parts [...]

Meditation As an Integrative Practice

Perhaps the single most important practice in your integration toolkit is some form of regular meditation. The ability to meet your experience honestly, compassionately, and fully, without resistance or grasping—this ¬is crucial to integration work, and it is cultivated in meditation. There are many different methods: observing body sensation, repeating a mantra, releasing thoughts as [...]

Aya & Depth Psychology

Depth psychology works explicitly with the unconscious—that within us which has been repressed, rejected, denied or ignored. Through dreams, images, fantasies, art, meaning and myth, it seeks to understand and unveil what has been hidden in the depths of the psyche. This is precisely the territory that ayahuasca works, as it unzips the unconscious with [...]

Integration Toolkit

Here's a roundup of practices and methods I draw on in helping clients integrate, and that I’ve found invaluable in my own work with the plants. Each article contains an overview of a practice, a look at how it can serve ayahuasca integration work, exercises and tips for practical application, and a list of resources—websites, [...]

Ayahuasca & Shadow

Integration work means more than joining a sharing circle, starting a meditation practice, and maintaining a clean diet. Most essentially, it signals turning to face the shadow, all the forgotten, repressed, unseen and un-integrated psychic material we’ve left behind in the process of growing up and into the world. Shadow work deliberately evokes that which [...]

11 Reasons to Integrate

Integration helps you focus on the whole picture of your work with ayahuasca; not just the ceremonies, but the entire trajectory—so your work can be as complete as possible. Remember, it’s not just ayahuasca you’re working with: it’s ayahuasca + your individual psyche + your personal history, and thus a unique experience. Someone who’s experienced [...]

Meeting Ayahuasca

People come to ayahuasca for all sorts of reasons, from simple curiosity to the profound desire for change. You may be struggling with depression, anxiety, or the residue of trauma; looking for deeper insights into chronic patterns; or sensing some mysterious limitation that blocks the freedom to be who you really are. Working with ayahuasca [...]

On Integration

Ayahuasca gifts us with experiences bigger and deeper than we can come to ourselves, with wisdom beyond the ego. It reveals the bottom-line truth of our psyches. The intelligence of the medicine shows us exactly what we need to see, when we need to see it. It’s up to us to implement these realisations. Integration [...]

Welcome to This Blog

This is a potent and exciting time in the transmission of ayahuasca to the West. A new paradigm is taking form, modern ceremonies in urban settings shaping new traditions. We urgently need to develop a context that respects both the sacred power of this plant medicine and the particularities, both limiting and empowering, of our [...]